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名字產生器 命名精靈 主題式 名字日 職業別 隨機 英翻中名字產生器 中翻英名字產生器

言ってることほとんどジャイアンと一緒ってどういう意味ですか とはどういう意味ですか?




Make a little Place Make a greater place... Mend the entire world, allow it to be an improved place For you and for me and the whole human race There are actually people today dying When you treatment ample for your living Make a better spot for you and for me

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Will reveal a joyful experience And the globe we once considered in Will shine yet again in grace Then why do we keep strangling daily life Wound this earth. Crucify its soul However It can be plain to view This world is heavenly be God's glow


將她牢記在心底 然後,開始把事情處理好 嘿!朱德,不要怕 你生來就是要得到她 在你把她放在心上的時候 你就可以把事情做好 在你感到痛苦的任何時刻 嘿!朱德,停下來 別把全世界扛在肩上

And I know that it's like Which place could possibly be much brighter than tomorrow And if you truly try You will discover there is no ought to cry



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